More About RSB

RSB (PTY) Ltd. is a group of companies that amalgamated is the late 1990's. RSB when it was founded predominantly manufactured Laminated Beams from a factory in Randfontein. In the early 1990's RSB expanded its product range to manufacture mouldings and snooker tables.

RSB predominantly manufactures two types of beams, Glulam (Saligna) and Lamstock (Pine), but we are able to produce in any space. We further manufacture mouldings, PAR, decking, Skirting, flooring, a large variety of architectural mouldings and we supply the market with various types of exotic timbers. A recent introduction includes a exciting line of custom doors, frames, window frames as well as I-Joists (I-beams).

We have a dedicated sales team. As service is of the utmost importance to us, we nurture relationships with both clients and suppliers, going out of our way to meet the needs and delivering on time, using our own trucks. We currently deliver daily to the PWV area with weekly trips made to the Free State, Northwest Province, Mpumalanga, Limpopo Province, Northern Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Swaziland. We have also expanded business out of South Africa to countries such a Botswana and Swaziland.

Why Choose RSB?

RSB Timber Manufacturers has built a reputation as the premier design, manufacturer in the timber industry by supplying quality product to clients, builders and architects,

RSB Timber Manufacturers offers design consultation and has an in-house design team who can
modify any plans or create a custom home for you. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and commitment to go above and beyond when providing exceptional customer experience.


Timber is a living, breathing organism and has to be maintained for its lifetime, especially in our harsh South African climate. Luckily looking after you mouldings, skirting, beams, shelving, doors, frames, decking, flooring, etc. is easy.

Always store the material in a cool, dry, well ventilated area where it will be protected from the elements such as damp, rain and direct sunlight.

Never lay the products flat on the ground as it will cause twisting, warping and bending as the timber absorbs the moisture from the ground if untreated. Instead raise it with dunnage (loose material) to protect it from rising damp?.

Turn stock frequently (every 2 weeks – max) to prevent cupping. This is especially true for shelving.

Mouldings, specifically pine, should be kept in bundles for as long as possible to prevent bending and warping.

Doors should be stacked on a flat surface with dunnage and not directly on the ground. Avoid storing them on their edges/ends. Treat all six sides as soon as possible.

Once an item has been installed, make sure to treat it with a reputable treatment. Refer to manufacturer's recommendations and intervals of treatment.

Breadboards should routinely be treated with vegetable or olive oil to keep it from cracking or splitting.

Disclaimer: RSB (Pty) Ltd. cannot accept any returns where the products have not been stored as above or looked after according to our recommendations. All stock has to be returned within two weeks of delivery.


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